Financial Consulting Services


We provide the selling or acquiring company with the tools it needs to speed the closing process and achieve a fair market valuation. Too often, if a company does not have its "financial house" in order, or if a deal drags on too long, valuations may become depressed. No two businesses are exactly alike, and no due diligence strategy will satisfy every transaction. Upstart customizes its approach to each transaction to meet our client's specific needs.

Our M&A and transaction services include:
  • Gather all relevant documents that will likely be required by the acquiring firm
  • Purchase accounting and financial statement preparation
  • Analyze past results, such as gross margins by business unit, EBITDAs, revenue growth rates and returns on assets
  • Carve–out financials and offering memorandum assistance
  • Assessing accounting policies and procedures
  • Assessing financial reporting and information systems
  • Evaluating key assets and related reserves or allowances
  • Identifying unrecorded liabilities
  • Evaluating working capital trends
  • Evaluating loan covenant compliance
  • Assessing personnel trends and requirements
  • Evaluating key assumptions and drivers to projections
  • Understanding Capex requirements
  • Post–close purchase price adjustment mechanisms
  • Post-merger management reporting