Financial Consulting Services

Get to Know UpStartCFO

UpStartCFO, though its predecessor companies, has been providing financial consulting to emerging companies since 2000. UpStartCFO is a cutting-edge independent financial consulting firm which was founded by experienced and successful CFO's with the goal of becoming more of a partner and less of a cost center to our clients. We see ourselves as an integral part of our client's management team and view our role as the virtual CFO and advisor hired in order to meet the client's specific needs.

Our mission for each project is to deliver the highest quality of service at the most competitive rates. We achieve these goals by keeping our costs down and tailoring our engagements to taking into account the clients' current situation and their potential for growth. Our philosophy is to share appropriate risks and rewards with our client. In certain cases, we can consider providing deferred billing arrangements for a portion of our fees, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the startup venture.