Financial Consulting Services

CFO Advisory Services

Growing businesses need quality financial management just as much as larger companies, but are often unable to afford or attract the experienced professional they need to on a full-time basis. Often, the senior management of these businesses can get consumed by either trying to fill this void themselves or trying to manage inexperienced or inferior internal resources. The results are usually frustrating and prevent the business from realizing its potential. UpStart CFO provides outsourced CFO and advisory services for these situations

UpStart CFO offers experienced Chief Financial Officer or Senior level Controller support on a part–time, interim, or special project basis. Clients will benefit from receiving exactly the right level of professional experience and just the right weekly time commitment (e.g. couple hours per month to 3–5 days per week).

Our CFOs and Controllers roll up their sleeves and work on-site with clients focusing on both financial and strategic initiatives. We are committed to work seamlessly with our clients on a low–cost fractional-use basis.

Free initial consultations allow us to provide a confidential, professional perspective on your company's situation.

Advantages Include:
  • Experienced CFO Impact at strategic level
  • Integrated Strong CFO and/or Controller support is often key to success in raising capital or M&A transactions
  • Hands–on Roll-up sleeves, get-it-done!
  • Cost–Effectiveness Based on shared resource structure and leveraging right level of staff accountant support